There is no hope


So, my post about software has generate some comments. The most detailed answer I can find until now is the one from Ju (sorry people, it’s written in baguette‘s speech). Go and read it, it’s interesting.

So, you are telling me:

But, what if I want to learn, but do not have the time? You won’t help me!

First, that’s not what I said. I said that I won’t install you any software, because you must do it to learn. If you need to asks question, go ahead, and asks, we even have axioms for that on IRC and other places:

Don’t ask to ask, just ask

But, a more important one:

Think before asking

Yeah, I won’t help you if what you’re asking me can be found on seeks or in less than 10 second of reflexion. I will not think for you. I will not make your life better, you will. Well, you will later, for now, you’re about to jump in the abysmal depth of knowledge. I know that it can be intimidating and if you are not scared, well, it means you’re knee deep into it.

Take the red pill. And the blue one. And the yellow one too.

Learning and understanding will eat your time and soul, it will forces you to change your perception of the world around you. Knowing how it work and how you can change it will not makes your life easier or nicer. It will makes you see how fucked things are.

I wasn’t in the protests last Saturday to say no to ACTA. First, because if protest could actually change things, the things will be in motion motion now, the Greek government had refused the ultimatum we gave him, people of Homs won’t be under heavy ordnance and the asshole at the head of the different countries will be demised. Second, because a lot of people are saying no to ACTA and that did not make government stepping out of the things they do not understand.

I do not want to takes you by the hand, walking in the My little poney fields, with cloud made of candy and a sunshine smiling at your face. We do not live in cuddlebears kingdom.

There is no hope the world will get better anytime soon. If someone tells you anything different, he’s lying to you. Hope is waiting passively for things to get better. Hope is the same thing as prayer. Hoping is what government and mass medias are giving you to keep you under control.

So, forget about hope. That’s not hope that brings Syria in this state, it’s the fact that people actually wanted to do things and to change their world. Yeah, believing that things will get better probably helped them to go into the street and to start changing their environment.

There is no chance things will get better if you think they will, and if it’s the only thing you do about it. ACTA will not pass, but the media industry and governments will come back with another thing to crush on us. It’s an endless battle which will not end, or one we can’t win.

I do not want to tell you lies. You do not need hope, you need to stand up on your legs and to walk in whatever direction you want. And you do not need me for