This is not a total victory

ACTA is dead

Just in case you’ve spent the last week celebrating the almost formal finding of the Higgs Boson’s, citizens have bring ACTA to an end in the European parliament.

Yay, champaign for every one.

However, even if ACTA is now a political sinking ship and if I expect things to change in the so-called European democratic process, ACTA can still be ratified by other country. I do not think it will happen, at least not under this name.

So citizen groups and __soft terrorism__ can actually have an influence on the representatives, and it is a good news.

But if you just step down and think they will stop trying those crappy legal hat tricks to enforce even more control over our daily lives you cannot be more wrong.

ACTA started as a secret plan that got leaked. And, now that the people behind ACTA know that if it get public it would not pass, I cannot see a reason why they would do a public negotiation again – I mean, they won’t let that happen again.

They will try until one side leave the battlefield to let the other one wins.

Next generation

And they’re already moving. After having try to use counterfeit goods as a pretext to control everything (even if it could kill people by outlawing necessity goods such as generic drugs) they’re moving to something else.

I’m not speaking about INDECT – and good things can emerge from it – because it’s a red flag and an easy prey. Something that exists only to exhaust the citizen mobilisation for the next battle.

I’m speaking about some G8 negociations. You have to spread this and to put it on the table, to bring some light and to have them abandon this ship faster than ACTA (four years of battle, this is too much).

In this G8 Initiative – a non-paper – they want (point 1) go further than ACTA (because ACTA was criminalizing importers and exporters, now they want to also criminalize trans-shippers of counterfeit goods – this is your RJ45 cable).

The worst part is that they want to « [Promote] voluntary cooperative efforts to tackle the proliferation of illegal Internet pharmacies. » It means they want a way to control the internet to fight the drug traffic.

It will be a hardest battle to win. I mean, everyone fully understood why ACTA was evil because they wanted to forbid sharing. They choose a different weapon this time (and a different horsemen of the Infocalypse) and it will be hard to have people fighting for illegal pharmacies.

Winter is coming

For now, celebrate, call your MEPS and thanks them for choosing democracy above anything else. It is important to tell to the people when they’re doing good things. Take some rest, we’re going to need more energy to fight this infamy.

You should support organisation such as La Quadrature du Net for they need funding to work and prepare the next fight. The EFF needs your support to, they’re fighting TPP, a kind of Trans Pacific ACTA, and they could use some support.

And you need to wait for the next battle to start. Sharpening your arguments, waiving your tentikles in IRC chans, sharing datalove with all the intertubes, statying cute as the nyancat. Some epic battle are coming.