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  • Restart

    It’s been (almots) twenty years that I’m working in computer science. I’ve done a lot of things, from sysadmin to devops, from back to front dev, from freelancer to government to NGO support. I met a lot of people, but I call only few of them friends. I gained a high experience in burning-out and […]

  • Infrastructure: a theory of state

    So, I wanted to write something about infrastructure for a while. Or anything in fact, but I always postponed it for reasons. The thing I wanted to write about is a theory of state, and specifically, one that basically ties infrastructure and state together. And, well, I’m supposed now to stay at home to limit […]

  • To those who are still at La Quadrature du Net

    So, it’s official. I’ve quit my job at La Quadrature du Net. It was not an easy decision, and it hurts. I’m too stubborn for my own good, and I do not know when to stop, but this is where it must ends. I also tend to believe people when they say things will change, […]

  • Taking them down

    How to take the identity capitalism complex down I’m currently at RightsCon in Tunis, speaking and exchanging with a lot of different actors around tech and human rights issues, from state to civil society to Facebook (because it seems shame is dead). And I talk to a lot of people (except Facebook ones, they’re scary […]

  • The long year

    Or a little bit more than a year It’s been a year for me, one in with a lot of stuff happened, some good but a lot of bad and harsh. I’ve been recovering from a burnout since February 2018, and I’m now finally back at work at La Quadrature, where a lot of changes […]

  • End of Transmission

    I have to write this down. Now. I have to do this. Now. Why ? Because I’m experiencing some clarity right now, and it will not last. It might looks like a hasty decision, but it is something I’ve been torturing myself with for months now. I quit twittering. Or micro bloging. I’m going to […]

  • Yellow Vest : The great debacle

    So, second post about the Yellow Vest movement in France. In the previous one, I tried to give a little bit of context on this movement, and how other political blocks tries to gravitate around it. Since then, there’s been quite a lot of things. For one, there’s an increasing number of violent act done […]

  • The Yellow Vest Movement explained to my non-french friends

    So, for those of you who have been living under a rock the last two months, there’s a social movement in France which manages to organize actions and protests for the last nine weeks (yes including the weekends between Christmas and the first of January). They’re easy to spot since they wear the yellow vest […]

  • Protected: Une question de vie ou de mort

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • My vim setup – with some rust specifities

    So, I’ve got this thing called a sick leave due ti my depression. It means I have a lot of time to do whatever I want. It includes writing stuff here, making the garden and wait for plant to grow, spend countless hours on Crusader Kings 2 et Europa Universalis 4 (my life is now […]