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  • Companies and hacktivism

    Companies and hacktivism Google’s case On the 12nd of March, I was at the Cyber-censorship event organized by RWB and sponsored by Google. There was a nice panel after that, with a lot of activists from Belaruss, Egypt, Tunisia and Syria among others. And, well, could not restrain myself, but I’ve expressed some worries about […]

  • Achievement Unlocked

    Yeepee http://streisand.okhin.fr is, according to Mr. Claude GuĂ©ant, French Minister of Interior Affairs a website that must be blocked along with https://copwatchnord-idf.org.eu (yeah, I know, they must learn how to do SSL) which is a copwatching website that has been previously censored (with a different domain name). I need to add that I’m not a […]

  • Twitter and censorship

    Twitter and the censorship In a controversial post entitled Tweets still must flow((And they stole the third datalove principles, yay for us)), twitter said that they will now be able to censor some tweets regarding on the locality of the reader. That mean that someone in China won’t be able to see this tweet about […]

  • Megaupload is dead. So what?

    Megaupload is dead. So what? So, a justice court from a country abroad has decided that megaupload must be put to an end, along with their sistersite Megavideo, and so they’ve took it down yesterday evening. This is sad, and it’s a bad day for individual freedom. But it is not unexpected and you were […]