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  • Searx

    Welcome to searx You might have noticed some change on my seeks node since it’s not a seeks node anymore, but instead it’s a searx node. Searx is a project started by asciimoo after Taziden gave a talk at Camp zer0 about going forward with seeks and opening it up to a wider base of […]

  • Yubikey required at boot

    Update (02/11/2012) I added the ‘ask a passphrase’ functionnality in the hook. Intro As you might already know, I have a yubikey I use as an authentication token. Without it, I cannot log on my computer as a normal user. But I wanted to do more than that. Like, blocking the boot if the key […]

  • VPN in a pocket

    About the so-called Pirate Box Everything started when I found not less than three pirate boxes running at the PSES 2012 conferences and all of them were unaware of the two other. Worse, you could connect to one piratebox or to the internet, but not both, because pirate box runs off-line. And this is the […]

  • How did I streamed the last JHack conference

    Introduction So, yesterday, the regular Jhack crew set-up an event with Richard Stallman to talk and exchange around the issues involving Free Software and Human rights. And, as we want to build and keep history (also, it was a week day, so some people can’t come physically to the nice place we’ve had for the […]

  • Yubico, PAM, and Challenge/response Authentication

    Introducing the yubikey The yubikey is a small device that act as a token generator for authentication system. Yubico build them and, as they’re seen as a Universal Keyboard, they can be easily interfaced with any kind of system. From generating OATH token, to One Time Password systems, going by Radius and OpenVPN server authentication, […]

  • How to install a Pirate Bay proxy?

    How to set-up a The Pirate Bay proxy? Assuming you have a webserver somewhere in a (cyber|cypher)space and you want to set-up an access to the infamous website thepiratebay.(com|se|org). You need different things: A webserver, in this case apache2 but can probably be nginx or any other webserver you want to use An up-to-date libssl […]

  • Broadcasting news

    A little introduction Everything started from an non-planing stuff done on #opsyria. To give you some context, we have a bot there, named ii, that’s help us with information management. Birth and death of a bot ii’s birth dates back to the second phase of opsyria, the phase were we go wild and try to […]

  • HowTo Chaos Workshop

    Context One thing I strongly believe in is that all kind of knowledge must be shared with the biggest number of people. So, there’s Internet which have a lot of knowledge in it but I think it’s more effective to explain to people in the meat space, rather than letting them procrastinate watching My Little […]