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  • [Repost] Google, Amesys – même combat

    So, I’ve changed things around here and I’m trying to get some writing done soon. In the meantime, I’ll repost here an oped I wrote at la quadrature du net (From which I’m currently off due to mental health issue, more on that later), so here the original text, in French and, of course, there’s […]

  • Fuck Privacy

    Privacy … Really? What’s privacy? It’s quite easy, it’s everything that’s not in the public space. But public space is the reflect of our society. What you see in the public space, is the reflect of the society. That’s exactly why cities try to hide homeless people, or – at least – send them in […]

  • Identity, Symbolism and Uniforms

    Disclaimer: I’m in no way a sociologist, those are the state of thoughts in my brain as of now, it will probably change later. And yes, it’s the result of different conversation I had online recently Identity crisis Identity and surveillance There’s something going on in my head for a while, it’s that I have […]

  • Discrimination and gaming

    Context For two or three days there is quite some agitation around a video about the ordinary sexism. The video has been made for national Belgium news report and is then in French, but you’re favorite translators tool will give you some help to translate it. So, since I have a lot of sociopaths, feminists […]

  • Tyranny by default

    Tyranny by default I got this in my mind since a while. I do not like when I have a default preselected on any choice I have to do. And I think, it’s bigger than the fact I just do not like it. But what are those default choices that I’ll rage about in a […]

  • Sexism part 2

    I’m not done yet So, since the time I wrote my previous entry, I’ve discussed the topic of discrimination in the cyberspace with different people and one of them told me that, even if you do not know nothing about someone, you’ll give him an identity by default, and this identity in the hackerscene is […]

  • Let’s talk about Privacy, Intimacy, Anonimity and Identity

    Let’s talk about privacy, intimacy, anonimity and identity I wanted to write about those topics for a while because I think they’re important topics, eseentially nowadays due to the ever growing ubiquitous surveillance. I think that most of them are not perceived the same way by everybody, so i’ll try to write down and define […]