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  • [Repost] Google, Amesys – même combat

    So, I’ve changed things around here and I’m trying to get some writing done soon. In the meantime, I’ll repost here an oped I wrote at la quadrature du net (From which I’m currently off due to mental health issue, more on that later), so here the original text, in French and, of course, there’s […]

  • We need optimism, not fear

    Fear I plead guilty. I used to use fear as a tool to try to seed concern in people mind when I was explaining why it is needed to use cryptography on the internet (and elsewhere as well). The thing is, fear is an extremely powerful feeling. I think it’s rooted somewhere in the evolutionary […]

  • Internet is like punks, not dead. Yet.

    [UPDATE: 2012/08/23 – Barbayellow translates their posts in english] Context Yesterday, I wrote this piece and Barbayellow, friend of mine and who happens to works for Reporters Without Borders, replied with this post Basically he says that internet’s not dead, it’s just the hacktivists who are tired of fighting. I recommend you to read the […]

  • My lover is dying

    My lover is dying In 1997, when I was in high-school, I fell in love, like a lot of people of my age it seems. I fell in love with the internet. At that time, Google didn’t exists and I remember using altavista, coding in HTML and PHP3 (and using torch and diggers on a […]

  • Why you should refuses Premiums

    What is the net neutrality? If you’re not comfortable about the Net Neutrality, it is the defining concept of the internet. Simply put, it can be summed by this sentence: Each packet is created equal in right and duty. This is it. A packet is an atomic part of a communication between computers, it is […]