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  • [Repost] Google, Amesys – même combat

    So, I’ve changed things around here and I’m trying to get some writing done soon. In the meantime, I’ll repost here an oped I wrote at la quadrature du net (From which I’m currently off due to mental health issue, more on that later), so here the original text, in French and, of course, there’s […]

  • Redefining privacy

    Let’s redefine Privacy, shall we? There’s a lot of issue with Privacy. I already wrote about it some time ago, but I think that in fact the current definition of Privacy is an issue. For starters, no one is able to provide me with a definition of privacy. Is Privacy a secret? The definition I […]

  • GMail … seriously?

    [[!meta description="""No, seriously, people are arguing that GMail is in fact a good choice to protect your privacy online. They might be on GMail: why it’s not a good thing This post is an answer to jbfavre post[FR], in which he state that – from a metadata point of view, your safer in the mass […]

  • Fuck Privacy

    Privacy … Really? What’s privacy? It’s quite easy, it’s everything that’s not in the public space. But public space is the reflect of our society. What you see in the public space, is the reflect of the society. That’s exactly why cities try to hide homeless people, or – at least – send them in […]

  • GMX, Security and Privacy.

    [[!meta description="""Yet another story about why you need to hide things from the rest of the world, and why commercial company can’t help you with Once upon a time I have this friend – Milou. She’s going to be a good journalist, and she worked a lot for NGOs during her studies. Hence she travelled […]

  • My nightmare is coming true

    Context There’s a lot of heat those day in France about a call for project made by the RATP (the more or less public organism which is in charge of managing all the private and public parts of the Parisian and Île de France commutation system). It’s a simple project that would be used to […]

  • Facebook and Contestation

    Where did it starts? This post is the result of a discussion I had with @ElodieChatelais, @jujusete and @oOBaNOo following the publication of an article on indymedia written by NADIR (the piece is here. This article, a bit harsh but hey activists can be harsh, expose the implication of using Facebook to plan the contestation. […]

  • I am a terrorist (and?)

    So, those days two events where directly directed toward people who wants to enforce and protect their privacy, or toward the ones that would maybe participate in an Anonymous group. One here, in France, another in the US. The blowing of EDF The first affair, that everyone’s discussing about, is a thing that started 6 […]

  • Let’s talk about Privacy, Intimacy, Anonimity and Identity

    Let’s talk about privacy, intimacy, anonimity and identity I wanted to write about those topics for a while because I think they’re important topics, eseentially nowadays due to the ever growing ubiquitous surveillance. I think that most of them are not perceived the same way by everybody, so i’ll try to write down and define […]