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  • Security and Safety

    There’s something on my mind that’s been going on for a while. Well, another something going on in y mind. And it’s about security and/or safety and how those concepts are used today. Or how they’ve been twisted. So, let’s start with what I mean by those terms. They’re often used as synonym for each […]

  • I’m tired of this shit

    [[!meta description="""I’m getting really tired and bored about those crypto nerds who do not understand threat models, general public and who assume they Shooting the ambulance It seems that there’s a national sport among crypto nerds, and it’s shooting the ambulance. Yeah, I know, I’ve been kind of naive thinking that some people with common […]

  • GMX, Security and Privacy.

    [[!meta description="""Yet another story about why you need to hide things from the rest of the world, and why commercial company can’t help you with Once upon a time I have this friend – Milou. She’s going to be a good journalist, and she worked a lot for NGOs during her studies. Hence she travelled […]

  • Yubikey required at boot

    Update (02/11/2012) I added the ‘ask a passphrase’ functionnality in the hook. Intro As you might already know, I have a yubikey I use as an authentication token. Without it, I cannot log on my computer as a normal user. But I wanted to do more than that. Like, blocking the boot if the key […]

  • Yubico, PAM, and Challenge/response Authentication

    Introducing the yubikey The yubikey is a small device that act as a token generator for authentication system. Yubico build them and, as they’re seen as a Universal Keyboard, they can be easily interfaced with any kind of system. From generating OATH token, to One Time Password systems, going by Radius and OpenVPN server authentication, […]