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  • How to install a Pirate Bay proxy?

    How to set-up a The Pirate Bay proxy? Assuming you have a webserver somewhere in a (cyber|cypher)space and you want to set-up an access to the infamous website thepiratebay.(com|se|org). You need different things: A webserver, in this case apache2 but can probably be nginx or any other webserver you want to use An up-to-date libssl […]

  • Achievement Unlocked

    Yeepee http://streisand.okhin.fr is, according to Mr. Claude GuĂ©ant, French Minister of Interior Affairs a website that must be blocked along with https://copwatchnord-idf.org.eu (yeah, I know, they must learn how to do SSL) which is a copwatching website that has been previously censored (with a different domain name). I need to add that I’m not a […]