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  • Syrian Scam

    I’ve laughed I was reading through my mail^Wspam today and, I found one that did two things in my mind. First I wad disgusted because, you know, people will exploit everything. But then, after reeading it again and again, I found the fact of me receiving this particular scam, was quite ironic. And, in the […]

  • Stupid journalists are killing people

    Stop killing people, stop using Skype! A journalists friend of mine pointed me to a news flash from AFP – REF: 29578 DVBP 729 GLN20 (4) AFP (295) , if it means something to you – in which they killed someone. Or, if it’s not the case, he will be killed soon. Why? First, they […]

  • Thank You

    There’s something on my mind I can’t sort without putting it in words. I feel extremely uncomfortable about it and it almost makes me sick. Yeah, it happens sometimes and that means I’m not a complete sociopath. This is a problem about journalists, reporters, and each and every people that do everything they can to […]