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  • Hackers and Politics

    Context It’s always important to have context. And the why I wrote things is probably more important than what I wrote. So, here is the context. Frédéric Bardeau, founder of an ethic communication agency directed to NGO (Agence Limite) is gravitating around the problematics of collaboration between Hackers and NGO and he gave an interview […]

  • The pirate Part and I

    Once upon a time in the web I was gonna write a disclaimer about me not being objective about the Pirate Party, and them who will probably jump on me because I’m saying shit. But, well, fuck objectivity. I am nothing like objective and you probably know that. And if you take this too seriously,then, […]

  • Companies and hacktivism

    Companies and hacktivism Google’s case On the 12nd of March, I was at the Cyber-censorship event organized by RWB and sponsored by Google. There was a nice panel after that, with a lot of activists from Belaruss, Egypt, Tunisia and Syria among others. And, well, could not restrain myself, but I’ve expressed some worries about […]

  • Twitter and censorship

    Twitter and the censorship In a controversial post entitled Tweets still must flow((And they stole the third datalove principles, yay for us)), twitter said that they will now be able to censor some tweets regarding on the locality of the reader. That mean that someone in China won’t be able to see this tweet about […]