Fuck You

Once uppon a time

I used to be called a geek. A nerd. A no-life. Whatever. It used to be associated with people who didn’t want to socialize the way high school and society asked them to do.

It used to be people who were refusing what we told them what a boy or a girl should be, should act. It used to be people who were extremely interested by scientific topics, weird mathematics, role playing games, video games, computer science.

It used to be nice people who were chatting online, exchanging data, helping each other – or anyone who gets in and asked for help.

I wasn’t really proud of it, but at least it was something that was usefull for me at some point, I knew what I was. I wasn’t only an outcast.

Things change

But now, people grew old. Those geeks became adult, got in charge of things, and being a geek became something cool. It was rapidly identified to a man with tech gadget (like iPhones, and other useless shiny stuff) who are adept of a specific sub-culture (implying mainly commercial things).

And new people came in. And are still called geek because they spend time online, because they play video games, etc. Those people developped a false feeling of persecution. Prefering staying in their so-called community, they started to chose who was good enough to be a geek.

They are bullying, assaulting, stalking, chasing online and offline people who are saying them they’re doing someting wrong.

Basically, they act like 4 years old to whom someone asked to stop playing games and go eat with the family. Except 4 years old do not send SWAT team to rivals, do not harass women who are part of the industry – industry whoch provide the games they plays to – to the point they have to leave their house or their jobs, they do not hunt celebrities online for years to find nude cpictures of them and asks ransom for it before publishing them, they do not insult those victim once the picture shave been published while masturbating themselves on those pictures, once again to have them leave what they think is their.

They think the internet is their own things. They are destroying the community that once was inclusive (ok, and weird, and not that easy to understand) by turning it into a … I don’t know … mutually masturbating circle of elitists jerk?

Fuck You!

So fuck you. I refuse to be assimilated to you, a geek. You stripped that of me, you forced me to reject what used to be part of me, part of my culture. You can choke on your masculinist ego.

As long as you prefer hating people I love. As long as you think LGBTIQ people, women, or other are inferiro and can’t be part of your group or can’t access your culture, by using extremely violent means, including harassment, threats and other things like that, I can’t be called like you.

You do not deserve it, but you took that from me.

I may have changed recently, I may have discovered my bisexuality recently. But I’m still fond of RPG, Comic books, video games. But I cannot be called a geek. Not anymore.

So fuck you. You, your hate of what’s not like you, your syndrom of persecution, your conservatism, your etricked mind. I’m not like you. I do not want to be considered like you.

You’re destroying the privacy and the life of other people. I try to give them tools to help have privacy and a safe online life.

I’m not a geek. Not anymore. I can’t be.